Slow down you crazy child, take the phone off the hook and…

The phrase, “disappear for a while” is inked on Cait Arq’s left forearm, serving as the cord to a vintage rotary phone as it’s being carried away by a blackbird. She designed and acquired the tattoo when she was 18, based off the line from her favorite Billy Joel tune, Vienna. It serves as a reminder of the core of her artistry in a lot of different ways: her love for romanticism, lavish symbolism, clunky vintage objects, 70’s songwriters, and a frequent urge to drop everything and spend time alone with a pen. 

Cait grew up in Chicago’s suburbia, singing and writing all throughout her formative years, in various settings. She began studying classical voice and piano in elementary school, while secretly belting country ballads at county fairs. In middle school, between choirs, she competed in poetry slams throughout Chicago. She specialized in incorporating singing into her spoken-word. Meanwhile, she was also filling mountains of journals with modern-romantic poetry and Taylor Swift-esque lyrics (like every middle-schooler at that time, right?). When high school hit, between choirs and musicals and learning guitar, she was curating her own program of classical repertoire for her Senior Recital (aka mostly Puccini and any other romantic-era piece she could get away with). Simultaneously, she was open-micing original tunes and discovering artists like Joni Mitchell amidst her growing vinyl collection.

Today, this broad range of inspiration has shaped Cait’s own, evolving artistry into something with a unique familiarity. Though, she has since shifted genres from her country-crooning childhood to a more pop-soul sound, the impact that those old Country tunes had on her storytelling ability is clearly evident in her music. And she tells those stories with crafty, poetic lyricism and soulful, dynamic vocals.

Cait Arq’s debut single, “Michael,” was released on November 2nd, 2018 on all streaming platforms. Her debut EP, “Green is Green” was released on January 4th, 2019. She performs frequently around the Chicagoland area as a solo artist, as a member of Saltwater Tap (Chicago-based soul-folk band), and as a member of Cloud-Gate (Chicago-based singer/songwriter duo comprised of Cait Arq and Garen Hudson).