A little Norah Jones, a little Sister Sparrow, and a little Jack Johnson, Cait Arq brings us her debut EP “Green Is Green.” Arq (Saltwater Tap, Cloud-Gate) has been crafting poetry since middle school, and has now compiled and set to music 6 pieces, in collaboration with many artists contributing horns and guitars, of the day to day struggles many of us currently face or can remember experiencing. Her voice occasionally carries a slight rasp, which cushions the pang of hearing a familiar plight, and allows the listener a receptive space to tether familiar emotions to Arq’s ponderings. Arq successfully writes in simile, as in track “Change,” where she aligns counting pocket change during a financial low, to off-the-cuff comments said under duress. Such comments do not carry any beneficial contribution to effective communication, and certainly do not add any valuable sum of inspiration to the receiver to, well, change. Do yourself a favor and click the “lyrics” option after you buy Arq’s Bandcamp tracks. There are many stanzas worth hearing exactly what she is saying, and how.
— -LPL, Chicago Crowd Surfer (2019) {https://chicagocrowdsurfer.com/new-releases-42/}
Independent Pop and Soul Singer Cait Arq recently released her debut single, “Michael”. This is something of a traditional torch song you may find in a broadway musical, making instantly standout when shuffling through new releases these days.
— The Deli Magazine (2018) {http://chicago.thedelimagazine.com/37981/cait-arq-michael}